Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's been 5 months baby?!

Well, little John is 5 months old today! I was thinking yesterday how crazy it is that he is that old already. He has changed so much, and he acts more like a toddler than a baby most days. He is full of energy, has such a sweet smile, and is so fun. He also is starting to teethe so he has been wearing his fussy pants a lot. I feel bad for the little guy. He just fell asleep in his bouncy seat. He took a nap an hour ago, but he woke up, so I'm going to keep him asleep in his bouncy if he is comfy there!

I wanted to keep a blog so our kids could look back at it one day and read about themselves. Also, family should stay up to date too, since they are all so far away from us. So here are some recent milestones if you so wish to read about them!

This is one of the first pictures I got of him smiling. His daddy got him to smile here. At first he would mostly smile at daddy, but now he smiles at mommy a lot! But, he still laughs harder at daddy, but I understand, he is the goofy one in this family.

His first trip to an Amish restaurant, and not his last! We got to go to Columbus for less than 2 days at the beginning of June to get our anniversary cake from the man who made our wedding cake. This is at the Der Dutchman restaurant. He got to see grandma Connie and grandpa Dean, and his great grandparents too! He is hoping to visit grandpa Mark soon!

First baseball game! Mommy was excited about this one. We were blessed by free tickets to a Louisville Bats game and we took John. It was not fun for him at first, but as you can see he warmed up to it. He didn't watch much of the game, but he did sport his cute Yankees jersey and a sideways ballcap.

This is what happened when we let crazy kicky boy be unbuckled (yet supervised) in his bouncy seat. He is a mover for sure! Look at him trying to stand....kind of...

This was June 24th, we had just moved into our new apartment where John finally got his own room and a big sliding glass window to look out of. He loves the view from 'his' recliner.

On his 4 month birthday. Looking all cute!

. Not long after he turned 4 months, he just suddenly starting rolling over from his back to stomach. He looks happy here, but he still gets frustrated sometimes, especially when he rolls over at night and wakes up. Notice that him sleeping through the night is not a milestone he has reached, and no, I don't want to talk about it....

At around 4 and a half months we introduced him to rice cereal. He does a great job with it. Some people might think we started him too early on that, but the pediatrician recommended it and so far he has done great with it.

Mommy tortured him and dressed him like a cow so she could get free food at Chick-fil-A's cow appreciaton day. How cute. He has such pointy ears for a cow...

John discovered that he likes to suck on his toes....

John endured a sunny day to let us get some family photos done. A woman at church was sweet enough to do them for us. I really like them!

Well that is all for now. I am sure there will be even bigger milestones coming up. I need to blog about them more frequently though, because this post took me a long time to write!